worfet oil and gas steel fabrication dubai

Steel Fabrication works

Architectural steelworks, erection, CNC machining workshop, component fabrication, Oil & gas steel equipment designing, skids, sealing enclosures manufacturing, pipe freezing jackets, pipe saddles, beam clamps, hot tapping tees, adapters.

boat skip muck skip crane lifting enabled manufactured in dubai by worfet

Crane boat muck skip

Heavy-duty skip for general muck and waste removal, ideal for heavy loads. Designed with a slotted bale arm, lifting point and latch for automatic emptying of the skip by the crane operator, eliminating the need for an assistant to manually operate a release mechanism

man basket and man cage forklift and crane manufactured by worfet steel fabrication

Personnel Man Cage

Also known as Access cage, Crane Man basket or Personnel lifting basket. Designed to superior engineering and safety standards. Equipped with options for forklift lifting and crane lifting, lanyard points and toolbox attachments. Lifting up to 10 personnel.

crane skip mortar lifting skip manufactured in dubai worfet

Tower crane pan skip

Known as Mortar skip or Tower crane skip. An all-steel, heavy duty construction tower crane skip for quick site lifting. The Worfet crane Skips are designed for moving or storing smaller materials, equipment, and waste. It can be maneuvered by a forklift or a crane.

lifting spreader bar manufactured in worfet steel fabrication dubai

Lifting & spreader beam

Superior lifting technology manufacturing with adjustable and fixed types of lifting beam and spreader beams to lift up to capacities from 2Ton to 200Ton. Designed to American engineering standards. Equipped with optional certified wire ropes, chain, and shackle gear.

forklift lifting jib made by worfet steel fabrication dubai

Forklift lifting jib

For handling awkward loads can be made a lot easier if you have the correct attachment fitted to your forklift truck. Our range of forklift jibs are either fixed or telescopic with an extendable arm to lift loads from 10Ton to 1Ton. Optional certified lifting hook and shackle.

worfet forklift lifting beam and hook in dubai

Forklift lifting hook

Quick, and easy method of converting a forklift or telehandler into a mobile crane. The Worfet Fork Mounted Hook is a forklift attachment used for lifting and maneuvering smaller loads short distances around construction sites. Supplied with swivel hook for easy lifting.

triangular lifting bar made in dubai by worfet

Triangular lifting bar

Triangle lifting bar provides a low headroom solution when a short span is needed to make the connections between the load and the crane. Triangle lifting bars are available in standard capacities from 2 to 160 tons and engineered to ASME standards. Supplied with lifting shackles

worfet steel fabrication lifting lugs fabricated in Dubai

Lifting lug

As experts in Lifting and Handling solutions it is only right that we offer Container Lifting Equipment and accessories to suit your requirements from ISO Container Lifting Lugs and chain slings to container-lifting frames and spreaders. For direct welding to heavy structures.

concrete buckets made in worfet fabrication

Concrete bucket

Our steel fabrication and manufacturing provides an exclusive range of concrete bucket extensively used for its quality standards. Designed using the finest quality raw material, this bucket is used to carry ready concrete mixer from one place to another place within the construction premises.

block and material cage made in worfet fabrication dubai

Block lifting material cage

The brick and block cage is designed to convey pallets of bricks or similar loose products safely to a work location via overhead crane. Suitable for 1200mm square pallets (1240mm clear inside), and up to 1500mm overall height. For offshore purposes we make galvanized cages also.

construction material loading platforms made in dubai

Construction Loading Platform

Our superior retractable crane loading platform capabilities, which have made Worfet’s loading platform the choice by all leading companies for their construction loading deck projects around the world. Loading platforms were designed to enable simpler handling of materials.