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Known as Mortar skip or Tower crane skip. An all-steel, heavy duty construction tower crane skip for quick site lifting. The Worfet crane Skips are designed for moving or storing smaller materials, equipment, and waste. It can be maneuvered by a forklift or a crane.

General Details

Concrete Bucket and Concrete Skips


Concrete bucket available in different lenghts on demand. It’s easier to pour concrete into columns, walls and formworks and to control the flow. These buckets are highly requested as they provide smooth concrete placement and they are designed using fine quality material. Our product guarantees stability and structural strength. These buckets present a discharge gate closed automatically by spring retractors with handle-lever and rope to open the gate. These products are manufactured with various capacities as listed below and can reach over 3000 l capacity on demand. The customer can require specific sizes for the batching plants.

Model Capacity WLL
WFCS-500 0.5 Cubic meter 1050kg
WFCS-1000 1.0 Cubic meter 2500kg
WFCS-1500 1.5 Cubic meter 3700kg
WFCS-2000 2.0 Cubic meter 4300kg
WFCS-4000 4.0 Cubic meter 7500kg

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Optional Accessories:

– Certified Shackles
– Wire rope with hooks
– Master link assembly

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